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DESCRIPTION - Safety vest adult - one size
  • Safety vest made of florescent material, known as "High Visibility".

  • A "High Visibility" fluorescent safety vest with reflective upper strips.

  • The purpose of this vest is to warn other road users of your presence.
  • The vest complies with the current European standard.
  • The "CE Standard" safety vest :
  • Known as "High Visibility", because of its florescent material and highly-reflective strips, this renders you visible at night at over 160 m (only 30 metres without a safety vest), or 300 m on a motorway.
  • Visible both day and night, this warns motorists of your presence, enabling them to slow down automatically and allow sufficient space to overtake safely.
  • A pedestrian knocked down at 48 mph (80 Km/h) stands no chance of survival.
  • It is important to note that the life expectancy of a pedestrian on the motorway is less than 20 minutes.
  • An essential safety precaution in the event of an accident, breakdown or when fitting snow chains on the roadside.