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Multiple socket for the cigarette lighter + USB


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Multiple plug into the cigarette lighter + USB enables connection: mobile phones, GPS, game console, an assistant to help with the management ...
Its cylindrical shape is adapted to the serial cup holder in the vehicle.

Dimensions: height 65 mm x 75 mm deep x 75 mm. Weight: 224 g.
2 outputs for the cigarette lighter.
2 USB 5 V, 0,5 A.
Integrated overload protection of 10 A.
4 indicator lights for operation.
Battery analyzer.
Adjustable sleeve: plastic sleeve plugs help ensure a solid connection and plug adapt to all types of cigarette lighters.

Perfectly inserted into serial cup holder in the vehicle.
The add-impact resistant with an elegant design and quality connectors.
Integrated device for protection devices and vehicle battery.
Equipped with four LED indicator lights, three of which allow you to continuously monitor battery level, and one is used to control the activity. This system is ideal for situations when the devices are connected with the engine off.
Lighting: Subdued green light illuminates connectors for easy orientation at night.
Quality extensible spiral cable (twisted wire lengths from 0.45 to 1.5 meters), allowing overloading up to 8 A. The extensible design provides optimum safety and work aesthetically, because the cable is to look less noticeable.

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